God is truly amazing in His capacity to love, care and lead us in every aspect of our life.  I and my children are living-proves of His ever-increasing faithfulness and love.  Since my husband passing on to glory in April 2004, the children and I have been experiencing God’s divine presence and power in all areas of our lives.  He has been leading us day after day, and our lives have only got better and better as each day passes by.  Brethren, we had never had a better yesterday.  Every new day has always been better than the previous days.

“RUTH & BOAZ FELLOWSHIP” has been one of the most influential avenue in which the Lord has used to reach out to me in various aspects of life and this daily transformation of God’s glory has opened the door for us to “Relocate to the United Kingdom” a few months ago.

My contact with Ruth & Boaz Fellowship was divinely orchestrated by God. It was the maiden edition.  Having attended this maiden edition, I have been doing everything possible to make myself available at every meeting and the Lord has never failed to reach out to me through our Pastor Taiwo’s messages of encouragement and hope in what God can do in life that appears dim and hopeless.

A fierce desire for the knowledge of God makes me want to get out of my regular routine and seek a change of environment.  Life in Lagos became choked up with so many activities and this led me to consider the idea of relocation.  I went ahead and made an application for relocation to London with my children but many things were going wrong. There were so many obstacles and distractions and I thought maybe it was not meant to be. On the verge of my giving up, were another time of Ruth & Boaz Fellowship, and during his ministration, Pastor Taiwo, made emphasis on “ONE MORE REASON TO GO ON”. This message was a booster to my faith. It was the right word I needed to hear at that point in time.  I then made up my mind that I shall follow up on this door that the Lord is about to open, and I will not allow myself to be discouraged or give up for whatever reasons.

The moment I made that decision, things began to work in our favour.  God began to arise on our behalf and despite all obstacles and distractions, the Lord worked it out for us and we were granted necessary visas to the United Kingdom with my three kids.

The demonstration of practical love and care exhibited by the leaders of this fellowship is unprecedented. Shortly before we left Nigeria for the UK, I met a sister during our interaction after one of the fellowship meetings and we exchanged contact.  On hearing the good news of our relocation, the sister took me to the Pastor in charge of Ruth & Boaz Fellowship so that she can pray with me as we go. Not only did she prayed with me, she took my contacts in the UK and also booked appointed on my behalf to be prayed for by Pastor Taiwo; I came with my kids and Pastor laid hand on us and prayed. He did not stop at blessing us spiritually, he also blessed us financially.

Even though we have left Nigeria, the Fellowship has not left us.  Our Fellowship coordinator had been in constant touch with us in the UK and despite her tight schedule whenever she comes into the UK, she will always make time for us to meet and have fellowship together.

Our settlement here in the UK is another bundle of testimonies altogether.  The Lord went before us and prepares the place for our arrival such that we did not experience any of the difficulties common to relocation and settlement in the UK.  Things were falling into places for us.

The climax of my testimony is God’s revelation of His “assignment” for my life.  I discovered that God pulls me out of Lagos, stripe me off all forms of activities and commitments, and brought me to where I am left with little or no choice than to remain in His presence.  I have not had such a wonderful time in His presence as I have been having now in these past few months.  What I have been struggling to do before now in His presence now comes naturally to me and I am beginning to experience God again in a new dimension entirely.  For me, this is the beginning of the journey to the place of His greater glory, step-by-step.