God change my story!

…The first time I heard about the Ruth and Boaz Fellowship was in October so I came. And 2015 was a major turnaround for me. A lot of things happened, like you just wake up and the lights were switched off. I was thrown into the wilderness, and I was there and tried to come out but it just was not happening.

2016, things started turning around for the better. So when I came for Ruth and Boaz, Pastor said, “Those of you that have been given names that are not your own, God is going to change your story.” And God is indeed working and changing my story.

Pastor Taiwo asked that, “Who died for you? Did anybody died for you?” and I asked myself, “Oluwakemi, did anybody died for you? Who died for you? Jesus, He’s the one that has been with me and will be with me always.”

I have been denied access to see my two boys. I had to go to court. I had to take my husband to court. And now the court has grant me access to see my children end of this month. It’s being a journey that i would never ever think would walk. I would wake up at times 1am and I would have a conversation with God, “God, it wasn’t planned this way. What is going on?” and I will cry from that 1 till 4, get ready for work, go and continue. But God has been faithful. God has seen me through. God did not let me fall into depression. People that don’t know me would not know what I am going through.

The Fountain of life church has been a pillar for me, helping me to go through day by day. God has been awesome!
Father, I just say thank you. I will like to encourage others going through such situation that you are not alone, God is with you. Just a hug, a smile from somebody will make your day.