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I was here for the last Ruth and Boaz meeting, and I was really encouraged by how people came out and testified to the glory of God. All of them shared their burdens and how God, through the teaching and various activities of this ministry showed up for them and I realized I was in good company because everyone here is real.

How to overcome Discouragement

By Pastor Nomthi Odukoya There are things in life one just has to go through at different stages of life. Those things don’t announce their happening neither do you invite them, but they just happen. One of such things is discouragement. We all experience it whether we are rich, poor, young or old. The web dictionary describes discouragement as the feeling of despair in the place of obstacles. From the definition we can see that discouragement doesn’t happen without any cause. You don’t wake up one day and decide you are going to be discouraged, but things just happen that could deprive you of your confidence, hope or enthusiasm. Those ...


Life can truly be meaningless and what makes us wise is living a life fully led by the Holy Spirit. The Book of Ecclesiastes 12:13 (AMP), concludes with this scripture

My Challenges Do Not Define Me

By Pastor Odukoya As I was preparing for this message I came across a book and I think this would be a good starting point for today’s message. Well, let me start by reading some stories to you from here… …“I never want to live through another winter like this one. It’s all right for these women with husbands to handle things like frozen cars, but I am alone in the world. When I go, I have to get there myself... Second story… ...‘Dear Jenny, my testing time seems to be increasing in intensity. I had just found a nice small apartment for my little boy and myself upstairs in the house of a lovely family………. One other story – ...

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A Fulfilment of God’s Promise

God is truly amazing in His capacity to love, care and lead us in every aspect of our lives. My children and I are living-proof of His ever-increasing faithfulness and love. Since my husband’s passing on to glory in April, 2004, the children and I have been experiencing God’s divine presence and power in all areas of our lives. He has led us daily, and our lives have only gotten better and better as each day passes.