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Enlarge Your Territory


Brethren, this is the last quarter of the year, I don’t know what you have been struggling with but I ask you today to make reading your Bible, obeying His decrees and hiding them in your heart a priority in your life. It is a sacrifice that is very pleasing to the Lord. - Pastor Tinu Olashore

Coffee Morning

The first Ruth and Boaz Coffee Morning was held in London on the 3rd of September. The Coffee Mornings are designed as more intimate occasions than our usual Ruth and Boaz meetings. The idea is to provide an atmosphere where our guests would have an opportunity for a more personal interaction with other guests and with the members of the Ruth and Boaz team. We have discovered that our guests sometimes require a one on one discussion or prayer at the end of an event and that is quite difficult to manage during the larger events. The meeting began with a brief introduction by Pastor Tinuke Olashore who explained the reason for the meetings. She ...

London Event Summary

On the 5th of August we had the much anticipated inaugural London Ruth & Boaz Fellowship event. For months before the day, we prayed, we dreamt, we planned and prepared. Truth be told though, we had moments of doubt. We couldn't tell what the event would be like, but as with everything in this ministry, we chose to go ahead trusting God to make His presence felt as always. Well the day finally arrived and the room started to fill up slowly. Would we have a good turnout?, we wondered silently. Our first few guests were ladies. Would any men show up? Then as the evening wore on and the room filled up, both concerns were laid to rest. In fact, we ...