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Know Your Strengths

‘Young boy murders ten feet tall giant with just a single stone shot’. If newspapers existed in the time of David, surely that would have been the headlines the day after David killed Goliath. Imagine for a second, - Pastor Nomthi Odukoya

Financial Increases

I came to this meeting dejected. There was no hope, no help from anywhere. When I lost my job few years ago, I became idle and let me tell you, poverty is the first born of idleness. I was very poor! But one thing kept me going and that is the Word of God. One day, someone saw me at the Dorcas department (helps ministry of Fountain of Life church) and was very surprised at my state.

Lord, Teach me How to Pray

There must have been something quite fascinating about Jesus’ prayers that made His disciples ask Him to teach them how to pray. - Pastor Tinu Olashore

The Single And Jesus

Jesus said, “Martha, you worry about too many things.” I guess there are some Martha’s reading this message today; some of you are male Martha’s while some are female Martha’s. - Pastor Taiwo Odukoya