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Vocational Training

Are you looking for a good place to learn? Grace Springs Vocational Center Offer Courses in Cuisine, Leather Works: bags, Slippers & Sandals,Shoes. Bath & Body Works: Natural Body Care & Other products Cosmetology Fashion Design Photography Contact Us @ 24, Michael Adekoya street, by Ilupeju, Lagos. GSVC Tel: 08155977387, 08155977384

An Open Door

In 2005, Nigerian-American doctor, Bennet Omalu, made an astounding discovery in medical science; one that unravelled a complicated traumatic affliction in the brain. A young, eager and idealistic professional, - Pastor Taiwo Oduokya

An Open Door Has Been Set Before You

On the 31st of December on our way to church, my five-year- old son said that 2017 was going to be a year of new things. We all echoed Amen to that prophetic word. So the following day, -Pastor Nomthi Odukoya


We have all made it to 2017 and we are grateful to God for bringing us to the beginning of 2017. 2016 was a very challenging year for most of us, - Pastor Tinu Olashore