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God gave me Custody

At the last Ruth and Boaz fellowship conference, I was here to give a testimony about my son who I was told was lost for 3 days and was later found. You see, I couldn’t have custody of this my son from my husband.

Master Your Time

Tick,tock’, says the clock. What you have to do, do quick! Some of us will remember this rhyme in our primary school years. Teachers used it to teach us to do first things first and not to procrastinate. - Pastor Nomthi Odukoya

Parenting – A Tough Job

There is no doubt that being a single parent is one of the toughest jobs around. Whether you are a single parent due to divorce, death, or gave birth out of wedlock, you are traveling a tough road. It is equally difficult whether you are the divorced mom or dad, who does or does not have custody. Each single parent family has its own unique challenges. There are struggles of balancing work, childcare, housework, children’s activities, and visitation schedules. You’d also like some free time for your own needs. Certainly, financial struggles are usually among the biggest of concerns, particularly for a custodial parent. Unfortunately, the ...


Paul stood before a people and looked them right in their faces, he said “do you know that God has set before you death and life, blessings and curses?” He has given you the liberty to choose whichever you want amongst them. - by Pastor Taiwo Odukoya