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RnB 2017


God Wont Give Up On You!

My healing started in this fellowship when the devil threw all sorts at me. I survived several road accidents and incidents in life. It even got to a point, I didn't care any more about life, and I wished death could come. I was suicidal; very few people reach this stage. When I hear people commit suicide or end up in psychiatric home, l always praise God and appreciate His Goodness in my life. When you see people on social media, at parties or wherever all dressed up, you don't know the battle they are fighting every day. We assume all is well; we even judge them because we believe we are close to them, we know them, or we think we are familiar ...

Coffee Meeting in February

Introduction by everyone and a bit of info on R&B by Ronke assisted by Sis Bim.. Pastor Aderonmu started by sharing on Jer 29:11...that God has plans for all of us, that HIS plans are that we will make it. God knows the end from the beginning, that at the end of the day, it's all going to end well. Its a good consolation for us HIS children knowing that it will all end well. No matter how bad it is, the sun will still rise in the morning. Pastor GB Aderonmu went on to narrate the story in the Old Testament, that (Abraham, Sarah, David, Joseph) all had challenges but they ended well...in the New Testament they were called heroes.. Though ...

God Will Come through for you!

Rejoice! No Room for Self-Pity

Your future will be defined by the way you are thinking today. If you think your status today defines your future then the devil has won, but if you think your status today is a stepping stone into the great future - Pastor Taiwo Odukoya

Holiness in Spirit

In our pursuit of holiness this year, let us concentrate all our efforts on our thought life and allow the Holy Spirit guide us into all truths in the name of Jesus. - Pst Tinu Olashore


As I sat to write this piece I remembered the story of the amazing Chinese Bamboo tree. Its lifecycle begins with a tiny seed. During the first four years there seems to be hardly anything happening - Pastor Nomthi Odukoya