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Prayer Points from June Prayer Meeting

Ephesian 3: 20 Father, May I experience your supernatural ability in all I do. Habakkuk 3: 2 Father, Revive that which seem dead within me and around me. 2 Samuel 23: 14 Father surround me with people whose hearts you have touch to favour me. 1 Corinthians 15:58 Pray against every form of discouragement that may affect your being steadfast and immovable. (Discouragement brings weakness) Be encouraged by this testimony from one of our Prayer Meetings. I was here for the last Ruth and Boaz prayer meeting, and I was really encouraged by how people came out and testified to the glory of God. All of them shared their burdens and how God, ...

Praise: A Gateway to Experiencing Wonders

This is what we call a wonder: enemies that had joined hands together for a common cause turning against one another until they completely destroyed themselves, leaving behind an abundance of good things (spoils) which they had accumulated over a period of time.


A setback does not mean failure or the end of the story, it is a time to wait on the Lord, reflect on His promises and give thanks knowing He who holds our past, present and future will see us through. He never failed in the past; He cannot begin to fail now.

The God of the Miraculous!

He promises to do wonders such as have never been seen before. In other words, it will be beyond what is logical and conventional. It will beat science, silence medical reports and contravene human philosophy. The world will see the hand of God upon you and be marvelled into silence. This can be nothing short of a miracle.