An Unforgettable Encounter!

Then the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God”.Luke 1:30

There is a common story (one I have shared a couple of times in my writings) about the great Alexander and his experience with a beggar. Riding on his chariot by the roadside, possibly returning from a royal expedition, the great emperor, we are told, is confronted by a beggar waiting for alms. He stops, and an exchange happens. Gold coins from his pouch are placed on the eager palms of the beggar; an extremely generous gift. When a courtier confronted the emperor on the excessiveness of his giving, he replied: “Copper coins would suit the beggar’s need, but gold coins suits Alexander’s giving.”

Human life is a culmination of day-to- day encounters with people. We are social animals, and regardless of our natural predisposition or aversion for the public life, we cannot completely wriggle our way out of dealing with people. Encounters will always happen: some impressive and others, not so much. As a matter of fact, motivational speakers are quick to remind us that our network determines our net-worth. This, all the more emphasising that in meeting the right people, one could invariably alter the course of one’s life.

Thousands of years ago, a young woman, in-love and engaged to be married, had one such encounter. However, this was not a chance meeting. And it was not with a mere mortal. The Gospel according to Luke recounts the visitation of Mary by the angel Gabriel, announcing her as the mother of the coming Messiah. Theirs was a dialogue that was by every standard baffling; yet, at her surrender to the divine will, young Mary went from an obscure Jewish lineage to acquiring a place in history.

Paul was on his way to Damascus when he encountered the bright light. In his case, the meeting, again not by chance, transformed him from a hateful persecutor of the saints to preaching the very gospel he antagonised. It is therefore safe to conclude that an encounter with man might be generous, but one with God is always transformative.

Think about it, the entire Bible chronicles the lives of ordinary men and women in distinct moments of divine encounter. Whether we are talking about Abram in Ur, Moses by the burning bush, David facing Goliath, or Joseph with his youthful dreams, one thing is certain: God never leaves a man the same way he meets him.

God is waiting and eager to make Himself known. He longs to personally reveal His thoughts and plans for your future. Regardless of the level of your achievement or status, He longs to give you a fresh start, a new beginning. like Mary, you too will encounter favour. You are the choice vessel of God for birthing the miraculous. Whether it is in your health, finances, relationship or life’s assignment, God is making the impossible become possible in your life. As you yield yourself to the Holy Spirit, He will lead you. He will direct you. He will show Himself strong in your life. You will do exploits, in Jesus name.

– Pastor Taiwo Odukoya