Are You Your Own Adversary?

“A great and affective door is opened unto me, but there are many adversaries… 1 Corinthians 16:9

Adversaries are oppositions that stand at the door of our breakthrough, miracles and opportunities, and can become strongholds and hindrances to our advancement. Sometimes these obstacles are easily identifiable because they are obvious to us but there are adversaries that are not easily identifiable because they are locked in our belief system but also once identified are possible for us to overcome. Some of these adversaries, we consciously or unconsciously inflict upon ourselves.

There are several ways in which we can become our own adversary. The greatest adversary and the greatest weapon that the devil uses against us is SIN. The truth is that we have the power to sin or not to sin. The Lord has given us
that freedom of choice. The Bible tells us that the wages of sin is death! Yet some of us still continue to live in sin.

This is your greatest hindrance, and the easiest way to be your own adversary. If you would just stop and repent today, the will of the Lord for your life can come to pass. Our expectations can sometimes be unreasonable. Many people believing God for a life partner have a mindset or a picture of the kind of person, and marriage that they want.

Many dream of a fairy tale marriage to a tall handsome rich man, or beautiful and successful woman who has attained a certain degree of social recognition. There is nothing totally wrong with this but you have to be careful not to allow your ideas and dreams to become a fixation in your mind, as this can lead to a self-imposed limitation if your ideas and dreams are not in line with God’s purpose for your life. In this case, because you
have set a limitation on your choice, you become your own adversary.

Watch your behavior towards the opposite sex, first impression is a lasting impression. You may never get the opportunity to apologize your way out of bad behavior or to correct an impression, and you may miss out on a great relationship continuous disappointment in relationships may be due to wrong choices over and over again.

A quick decision to start a relationship without properly analyzing the person and your compatibility with him or her will only end up in disappointment. Don’t be grateful to a man for asking you out by giving in to him too quickly because it has been a long time since a man asked you out. It is always a woman’s prerogative to determine when the relationship starts but not always her prerogative to end it.

Always remind yourself that you deserve a loving and supportive relationship. Remember! If you love the wrong person, loving them the right way wouldn’t make any difference. Regardless of your past experiences and mistakes, never see yourself as a failure. Low self-esteem, guilt and self-blame can limit your self-empowerment, make you a slave to your own self and prevent you from moving forward. Some people believe that they don’t deserve the best so their expectations are low. You get what you expect, learn to view you circumstances with a degree of objectivity and don’t get so personal about everything.

Sometimes opportunities knock and we have to take the plunge or miss the boat. This is why pessimists always remain the victim because they never take any positive action. Finally, do not live your life in regret. There is a tendency to keep reflecting on past broken relationships.

When you keep looking regretfully at the closed doors you will not see the one that the Lord is opening for you.
The first step to overcoming adversaries is to give your life to Jesus Christ.