As I sat to write this piece I remembered the story of the amazing Chinese Bamboo tree. Its lifecycle begins with a tiny seed. During the first four years there seems to be hardly anything happening in spite of all the watering and fertilizing.

Amazingly, during the fifth year it begins to grow to a tremendous height of 90 feet in just six weeks. All the while it is actually growing, developing the root system that would sustain this 90-foot plant. The lifecycle of this tree has personally encouraged me to hold on when I am faced with challenges and obscurity. My conviction is that like a bamboo tree, every area of one’s life that seems to be stagnant is not really stagnant; rather, it is work in progress. Any good stage play or movie is a result of good and well mastered behind the scenes.

We therefore know that there is a behind the scene aspect of our lives hidden from our physical sight as the case is with a movie. Just as the audience troops to the movie theatre in anticipation of a beautiful and jolly movie, so should we be in anticipation of a beautiful conclusive presentation of that aspect of our lives that probably still looks clumsy today.

Actually, the Bible is full of such examples. One case in point would be that of the children of Israel who were in slavery for many years in Egypt. They had lost hope that they would ever be free, but God was all the while working behind the scene preparing a ‘saviour’ in the person of Moses to lead them out of Egypt. The Red Sea they had to cross came as no surprise to God as He already knew they would go through it before He set them free from slavery.

Vital lessons
The fact that your expectations do not match your inputs should not make you give up. Do not stop pushing forward and do not stop anticipating the expected result.

The time spent ensuring a proper foundation is never a wasted time; it is God’s method of ensuring your future and avoiding unnecessary disaster.

For every divine project, there is a definite expected time of completion. Like the bamboo tree, it may be three years, four years or four and a half years of tending and all other trees of similar age are already blossoming adults. Never mind, your fifth year is around the corner.

God is still on your case, He is never too late, just working behind the scene. Your time is ticking fast towards the expected time of completion. Don’t Give Up!

– Pastor Nomthi Odukoya