Believing opens you up to a world of possibilities

Jesus said to him, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.”

Scripture Text: Mark 9:23 (NKJV)

We all believe in something. Even the atheist who says there is no God believes that God does not exist. Believing is accepting something as true, genuine or real even when there is no physical evidence to prove the veracity of that thing or claim; this differentiates the believer from the unbeliever. A believer in Christ Jesus believes that He exists and He is who He says He is the incarnate Son of God who came to the earth to give His life for the redemption of mankind. No one has seen God at any point in time, but when we consciously look around us, we see all of nature declaring His glory. Whoever comes to God must believe that God exists.

From a natural standpoint, it makes no sense accepting or believing in a person who you, your parents, grandparents or anyone in your ancestry had never seen. For people who depend largely on logic and are highly analytical, this can be a stumbling block because God cannot be explained, reasoned or analyzed. But we can accept in trust just like a little child that what and who He says He is, is the absolute truth.
Jesus Himself said except a person receives the Kingdom of God like a child, he or she would be unable to enter into it. He said this because He knew men (male and female) love to accept things they can reason out, unlike children who would simply believe whatever you tell them, even when it sounds ridiculous.

I once heard the story of a boy who after school waited at a particular spot different from the area designated as a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) bus stop. While waiting, an elderly man noticed him and asked him what he was doing there. He confidently told the older man that he was waiting for a BRT bus. The elderly man told him it was impossible for those types of buses to stop at that particular point, but the little boy insisted that he would wait and get a bus there. Five minutes later, a BRT bus pulled right beside the boy and picked him up, and the old man was very surprised.

Unknown to the elderly man, the bus driver was the little boy’s father. The boy fully trusted his father and had confidence in his father’s word, though it was an undesignated area (an impossible spot for boarding). What if the boy had not trusted his father but rather listened to the older man because of his age and the supposed impossibility of getting a bus there? He would have missed his father and the ride home.

Likewise, God is our heavenly Father. He has given us His Word to know those things that have been freely given to us. His children, all He requires from us is to simply trust Him in line with what He has said to us through His Word, irrespective of how daunting the situation may be. Just like Jesus said to Martha at the tomb of Lazarus, “If you believe, you would see the glory of God,” He is still saying to each one of us today, “If you can believe, all things are possible and you will see God’s glory.”

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God bless you.
Pastor Nomthi Odukoya