Paul stood before a people and looked them right in their faces, he said “do you know that God has set before you death and life, blessings and curses?” He has given you the liberty to choose whichever you want amongst them. Your ability to make good decisions are essential here because your choices will not only affect you, they will affect your generation. Any destiny conscious man or woman will not take this passage for granted. It says God has given us the greatest privilege any man can ever crave for; the freedom to make our decisions without being manipulated. Witches, wizards, the devil and people do not have the ultimate right to pronounce curses upon you without your permission. Whatever will take effect over you needs your co-operation.

You are so powerful that even God has given you the liberty to take responsibility for what happens with you. The above scripture says “Life and death, good and evil has been set before you” which will you CHOOSE?
Moses stood there and said you make your choice in this matter. These were people who all their lives were slaves, they were not given to making many choices. Others chose for them until they were set free by the mighty arm and miracles of God.

All through they still had the slave mentality. You can appreciate what it was for Moses to say now you make your choice; not your task masters, you make your choice, not your circumstance, you make your choice.
Choices are acts of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities. From the passage, we have life and death, blessings and curses, so you have many options but you have to take one. You should get a copy of this book ‘Unleashing your God given potentials’ by Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, I am writing directly from it. God will prepare you a wonderful life but he won’t tell you the details of your life.

He will tell you your life can be rosy but if you choose not to walk in that direction, life can be horrible. God will always leave you with a choice and that is why when you read in the Bible that we are free moral agents; what does that mean? God created you with a will and so He is committed to respecting it. God will never force a man, he wants the best for you, and you have to make your choice. If God forces us, everybody would be a believer today. He doesn’t force people; he will let you make your choice. Some people all their lives will never choose God and they keep thinking they are winning, they are not because at the eve of their departure, when the life beyond begins to flash before them, they will realize they have made a mistake, it will be so difficult then to make a change.

That is why we warn people now; make Jesus your choice before it is too late.
Don’t be deceived by the fake powers of the devil, he is a fallen agent, he doesn’t have a future, his future is hell fire. But when you are in Christ Jesus, you have a definite future.
The Bible names some stones that we treasure so much, some we have never seen before; onyx, jasper, gold etc. In this age and time, the most righteous man will die, give him a maximum of 120 years, he will go, how much more an unbeliever that is priding himself only in his money.

The life beyond is certain that is why choices are important, whether we like it or not we must make them. Destiny is not what you sit in limbo waiting for; it is made by your choices. Somebody says decisions determine destiny, why? When you make decisions, they turn around to make you. What you chose will end up choosing you. You move towards it and make it your friend; it now determines your entire life. Choices are delicate things to play with. RnB