Coffee Meeting in February

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Introduction by everyone and a bit of info on R&B by Ronke assisted by Sis Bim..

Pastor Aderonmu started by sharing on Jer 29:11…that God has plans for all of us, that HIS plans are that we will make it.
God knows the end from the beginning, that at the end of the day, it’s all going to end well. Its a good consolation for us HIS children knowing that it will all end well. No matter how bad it is, the sun will still rise in the morning.

Pastor GB Aderonmu went on to narrate the story in the Old Testament, that (Abraham, Sarah, David, Joseph) all had challenges but they ended well…in the New Testament they were called heroes..

Though we see life in a turbulent way now, God says enjoy the process that at the end of the day, we will come out heroes, we will finish well. God is saying we shouldn’t worry, HE knows what we’re going through now.

Pastor GB Aderonmu said that though its often difficult to take God’s word and believe and run with it, we have to do so because there is a promise at the end of it all.. e.g. Rahab, a prostitute who was rejected, ended well. Our present is good but our end will be better..He has planned a good end for us. Though we all have issues in life, it’s God’ word that should keep us going.

Pastor GB Aderonmu ended by saying though life is about ups and downs…it’s what God says that matters And we have promises in the Bible to help us along the way.

Sis Bimbo summarised by saying that the word of God that has gone deep inside us is what keeps we need to build on putting the word inside of us. Sis Bimbo shared that God told Bishop Oyedepo to look up, then down, then up and down at the same time.. Bishop said he told God he couldn’t and God gave him a choice of focusing on HIM or on his problems..

Hope is the anchor of the soul. Sis. Bimbo also prayed that whatever storm of life comes, we allow the word of God which is the anchor of our lives to work for us. Its so easy to forget we have a God that is bigger than the problem and it’s only because we haven’t familiarised ourselves with HIS word and promises.

The Interactive Session.

Question 1 – A lady wanted to know if it was ok to take money from a married man since he was willing to care for her and take on her burden?.

Pastor GB said to ask her if she was willing to cope with the end result of the relationship.

Pastor Charles emphasised the need for THE LIVING WATER…and he gave the example of the woman Jesus met at the well. That WE ALL NEED THE LIVING WATER..

Comment 1 – Sis Yemisi shared on her experience about allowing the wrong kind of person into your life. She said she nearly fell for the antics of a man who only wanted to use her to get him and his family into the UK. She explained that she experienced God’s love for her when she received revelations of this man through dreams she had.

Comment 2 – Sis Oyin shared on having a one to one relationship with God. A ‘Vertical relationship’. She explained that most Christians live on the ‘Horizontal relationship’ which is what they have within their churches but as Christians, we need to know and experience God for ourselves. She said we could help people but if they do not have that vital personal relationship with God then they would be in a difficult circle of life. Pastor Charles reiterated the need for sharing and telling people about THE LIVING WATER..

Pastor GB Aderonmu summarised and thanked everyone for attending the coffee meeting.
Meeting closed with closing prayer by Ronke.