I came to this meeting dejected. There was no hope, no help from anywhere. When I lost my job a few years ago, I became idle, and let me tell you, poverty is the firstborn of idleness. I was very poor! But one thing kept me going and that is the Word of God. One day, someone saw me at the Dorcas department (helps the ministry of Fountain of Life Church) and was very surprised at my state. She knew me when I worked in the bank and could not believe that I was nowhere to get money to feed my family for the week.

I explained to her that I lost my job and that I did not have any accommodation, food, or even clothes to wear. I could not even pay my daughter’s school fees. My situation was very bad. My husband had lost his job as well so we had no money at all. We applied to the Dorcas Dept. for financial assistance, and our request was granted. It was really a bad situation, but the Word of God from this church kept me hopeful that one day, God will come through for us. One day while in church, I heard about the Vocational School set up by the Ruth and Boaz fellowship. I felt a strange nudging by the Spirit that I should make further enquires. I did and found out that it was an entrepreneurial program set up for the financially disadvantaged and of course I applied. After the interview, I was admitted into the Soap and cream-making program.

It was a 4-month intensive program with a business management class every Friday. Brethren, I knew this was God’s doing. Even before the end of the course, I had started selling my products, and my trips to Dorcas every Sunday stopped. I was able to pay my daughter’s school fees and my husband and I were able to move into a small apartment, all from the sale of my products. Within 4 months, my life had changed. I was no longer begging, I became a giver, I just could not believe the change and God’s blessings in my life.
Today, am an entrepreneur, and not only that I am also now training people. I have trained people in Abuja and Lagos and I am now getting calls to come and train people all over the country.

My products are good; People order the liquid soap in liters. I now have a sales point at the local airport and in the local market. My husband has now joined me in the business. Not only that, I was featured in the NTA program, a turning point all because I went to the GraceSprings Vocational School.

Today, God is blessing the works of my hand, and God has given me speed concerning my business. Pastor Taiwo Odukoya always says, “God will make everything beautiful at his own time.” God is making everything beautiful for me. My husband and I gathered money together and moved into a bigger apartment. Pastor, I thank you for this vision. You always say we will finish well, I pray that you will finish well sir and God will continue to bless you and take care of all that is yours. I was not a member of this church when I came here for help and you came to my aid. This is a place where Christianity and the love of God are practiced. God will continue to bless this church in the mighty name of Jesus. God bless you, sir.