God Wont Give Up On You!

My healing started in this fellowship when the devil threw all sorts at me. I survived several road accidents and incidents in life. It even got to a point, I didn’t care any more about life, and I wished death could come. I was suicidal; very few people reach this stage. When I hear people commit suicide or end up in psychiatric home, l always praise God and appreciate His Goodness in my life.

When you see people on social media, at parties or wherever all dressed up, you don’t know the battle they are fighting every day. We assume all is well; we even judge them because we believe we are close to them, we know them, or we think we are familiar with their pain ,struggle and challenges…my dear you don’t have an idea at all…ONLY GOD.

Indeed God really LOVES ME, He refused to give up on me and He didn’t leave me, neither did He forsake me. He took me through it and brought me out of it, He restored my soul. All the troubles the devil brought my way, God has thrown it back at him.

He gave me back my confidence to walk tall and He honored me. I wondered how I was able to pull through and He revealed to me; it’s because I am HIS VESSEL. I am still on the assignment God has given me and I know that I am a CONQUEROR.

If you are tired of life, please remember your creator will NOT GIVE UP ON YOU….SURRENDER ALL TO HIM IN TOTALITY, LAY IT AT HIS FEET, ALLOW HIM TO TAKE OVER…You will Testify ..Mathew 15:30, Romans 5:3-5 ,1Thessalonians 5:16-18