I woke up with this song by Evie Karisson in my spirit. I had not heard this song in over a year at least and have not even thought about it, so I knew this was a message from my innermost being (my spirit) to God. I was grateful because it was again proof to me that one of the scriptures I always stand on when the enemy is telling his lies had again been confirmed to me by God. I believe because God’s Spirit never slumbers or sleeps, (Psalm 121:3-4) when my body is asleep my spirit is alert and in constant communication with God’s Spirit living inside me. I make my boast in this scripture so many times, that whether asleep or awake my God watches over me and mine, so waking up on the 1st with a song from deep within me confirmed again to me that I am very secure in His arms.

Going back to the lyrics of the song, it says:

“Lord of Light create in me a reflection of Yourself, so that You can freely work and truly shine through me!
Chorus: Let my life be a picture of You. Let it be a letter written by Your hand, for the world to read and to see and to feel and to know,
You live in me!

Holy Spirit grant me the fruit of love; Joy, peace and self controlpraying-hands-eps-5377182
The life of Christ in me, Christ in me…

For those who know me very well, you know this has always been my heart’s cry to God constantly and the two scriptures for our Bible reading today are scriptures I have been meditating upon. So to wake up with this song in my spirit, I knew without a doubt, God had heard and answered my prayers. All I want to do is serve God, be right with Him, please Him and bring Him glory.

I fall short so many times but knowing that His love for me allows for when I fall, is a truth I hold on to dearly and don’t take for granted. I am not perfect but I am striving to please Him with every breath in me and I know without a doubt that He sees my heart and honours it.

Psalm 119:8 says “I will keep Your statutes; O forsake me not utterly” (AMPC) and I love this translation as well “I will obey Your decrees, PLEASE don’t give up on me!” (NLT). This has been my heart cry. When i wake up in the morning, i praying this scripture, during the day I take time out to meditate on it and always experience God’s overwhelming love around me and before I sleep I remember this scripture again and pray “LORD PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP ON ME!”

The second scripture I have been meditating is Psalm 119:11 and it says “Your Word have I laid in my heart, that I might not sin against You.” (AMPC) and the NLT says “I have hidden Your Word in my heart, that I might not sin against You.” This made me realise, as I continually read God’s Word and meditate upon it (hide it in my heart), I will not sin against Him.

As God sees you reading His Word and giving it priority in your life, He will not give up on you. The Word of God is our instruction manual on how to live a life pleasing to Him this side of Heaven. As Christians if we don’t read the instruction manual properly, we will most likely get by but we will not live a rich and fulfilling life here on earth.

To live the life God has promised us, we must read our Bibles. A lot of secrets are held in the Bible and these are meant to get you through difficult situations, which you can only discover when you read yourself. People can pray for you or pray with you but believe me when I say, the answer to every question you have is in the Bible. My strength is always renewed when I read It and for me, it’s my Bible and I against the enemy. As long as you have your Bible with and in you, you should be rest assured that there is nothing you cannot face and overcome because know God is with you.

Brethren, this is the last quarter of the year, I don’t know what you have been struggling with but I ask you today to make reading your Bible, obeying His decrees and hiding them in your heart a priority in your life. It is a sacrifice that is very pleasing to the Lord.

– Pastor Tinu Olashore