How to overcome Discouragement

By Pastor Nomthi Odukoya
There are things in life one just has to go through at different stages of life. Those things don’t announce their happening neither do you invite them, but they just happen. One of such things is discouragement. We all experience it whether we are rich, poor, young or old. The web dictionary describes discouragement as the feeling of despair in the place of obstacles. From the definition we can see that discouragement doesn’t happen without any cause. You don’t wake up one day and decide you are going to be discouraged, but things just happen that could deprive you of your confidence, hope or enthusiasm.
Those circumstances could be:
– Deserted by your spouse or parents
-Refused admission to the university
-Cannot find a job
Betrayal- Someone you trust does something you least expected of them.
Abuse- Verbal or physical abuse from spouse or parents
Guilt- Can’t forgive yourself for what you’ve done
Death- Your loved one suddenly died and you had all your hope in them
The list goes on and you can add your own because although it has the same negative common factor but it differs from person to person.

How do I know that I’m discouraged?
Amongst many signs of discouragement, the following are a few :
• Negative thoughts- Images or unpleasant ideas that may become obsessions. You end up believing they are true if you keep pondering on them, e.g “I will never get married,” “No one finds me attractive,” “ Life has no meaning for me,” “If I get married again my spouse might cheat on me or they might die like the first one.”
• Insomnia- Difficulty initiating sleeps or maintaining sleep, or both.
• Overeating or Loss of appetite- Comfort eating which leads to uncontrolled eating or eating disorder.