London Event Summary

On the 5th of August we had the much anticipated inaugural London Ruth & Boaz Fellowship event. For months before the day, we prayed, we dreamt, we planned and prepared. Truth be told though, we had moments of doubt. We couldn’t tell what the event would be like, but as with everything in this ministry, we chose to go ahead trusting God to make His presence felt as always.

Well the day finally arrived and the room started to fill up slowly. Would we have a good turnout?, we wondered silently. Our first few guests were ladies. Would any men show up? Then as the evening wore on and the room filled up, both concerns were laid to rest. In fact, we had to keep asking for more chairs to be brought into the hall, such was the turnout!

That would have been enough for us. But God had much more in store. As we welcomed our guests we asked how they had come to be at the event. We were blown away by a Swiss resident who felt a need for a retreat and had been asking God for a weekend soaking in His presence. She got the urge to come to London and just thought to google “conferences in London” and the Ruth & Boaz event came up and she just came! Imagine! After the event she said it was just what she needed and would definitely attend London Showers the next day. Then another lady came in with a very similar story. I must confess my mind was blown! When God wants to confirm His approval, He does it so there is no doubt whatsoever.

13876234_1192869974104284_2783382117064312029_nWe kicked off with a period of worship and a testimony. Sis Funke shared how she was carrying so much anger that she was unaware of till her daughter told her years later (after she joined Ruth & Boaz) that she didn’t like her at all. She shared how finding acceptance, hearing the Word and meeting like minded adults at meetings helped her to find peace from God. Our prayer is that all who heard her will also find peace and the ability to forgive and let go of all hurt in Jesus’ name.

13876280_1192873240770624_3666706530099665436_nPastor Nomthi followed with a strong and uplifting message to us to “do all you can”. She told how her mum, also a single parent, did all she could, relying on God to do that which she couldn’t. She encouraged us to always do our best, trusting God to perfect all that concerns us and our children. She exhorted us to keep our eyes on God, no matter how difficult things may be and trust in His faithfulness. Her life, she told us, was a living testimony.

13903386_1192871380770810_2687842113073781916_n Pastor Taiwo in his sermon challenged us to see everything we are going through as an opportunity to learn obedience just as Jesus did through the things He suffered. The key, He said, was to determine to make choices and take actions based on the Word at every stage. It was a call to action for us all. He exhorted us to seek strength from God and not allow our circumstances to force us into a passive stance. He acknowledged that the pressures of everyday life and repeated disappointments, betrayals and self condemnation could lead to despair and a giving up. Sometimes we think it’s too late and we have missed or lost something irretrievable. But we need to keep our eyes on Jesus, He is all we need. Hope in Christ is the bedrock of our faith. Faith rests on hope to catch the future. Our hope of some future good propels us forward whilst despair anchors us to the past and present and prevents us from moving forward. He encouraged us to fix our eyes on Christ and hope for a better future regardless of our past.

The last segment was a session of questions and answers. Pastor Taiwo was able as usual, to give frank, insightful, challenging but hope inspiring answers to the questions raised.

All in all it was a great evening. We are so grateful for what God did in our midst that day. For total strangers to feel comfortable enough to share their concerns openly was extremely heart warming. As the testimonies began to roll in, our hearts were gladdened even more! Comments include “it was just what I needed to hear”; “I’m so glad I was able to be here”; “I was glad that question was asked because it’s been on my mind for ages. Pastor’s response was so enlightening and encouraging without any sugar coating”.

The aim of this ministry is to provide an encouraging environment for our members and guests. We are grateful that God is pouring out His grace and mercy upon our endeavours.

If you’ve never had a chance to attend one of our events, we hope you will be able to join us someday soon!