London Meeting Note

Rev 3:7-8
Holiness is very key here .
For everything that God says He needs a man to believe.
Whatever door has opened in my life no man can shut it . It takes a man to believe this for it to come to pass .


Why would God say that? Is my work waning?
Based on your works I have set before you an open door which no man can shut. You have not denied My name, the pressure was there for you to deny Me but you held on so I give you open doors .

Matthew 5 and 6
He told them to cross over but He didn’t tell them of the danger that loomed ahead. We wonder why? Sometimes our spiritual or intellectual ability can fail us! Everything we know to do we have done and nothing is working. The one Who told them crossover was the master of the universe. The all knowing God knew it all. Before now He was praying , interceding for them so He knew it all .

He sent them forth and He was watching them , He was seeing them and praying for them. I KNOW YOUR WORKS! He was very aware . He was in the background always, He never leaves. How troublesome is your trouble? How dark is your darkness? How stormy is your storm? He will be with you to the end of time.

He says I know your struggles, fears, worries and He sure knows .
Isaiah 40
He knows all you have been going through and all your struggles.

It’s natural to define our lives by our struggles / promises and we rate our selves by that. But God defines us by the giant He made us .
We don’t see because we are blinded by our challenges .
The eyes of our understanding will be enlightened and we will begin to see what we are supposed to see . My circumstances cannot trap me. Happens to all but mine is different . The door is not a door of running away, it is a door of opportunities and I will exercise dominion .
The devil likes to make a victim out of me but I am a victor .
You can’t depend on God and be ashamed. No one who puts his trust in Him can be put to shame. Amen
Never mind how you started but how you finish and you will finish well in Jesus’ name amen .
Now that I know the door is open how can I apply it to my life?

The woman with the issue of blood lost everything,
Her health
Her status
Her friends
Her job
Her freedom – she was ostracized…
Her finances etc
But her failure didn’t determine her future, and it shouldn’t.

No matter how horrible and totally impossible it may seem Jesus is saying, I am bringing you over. She heard about Jesus. Because He
Builds up
Having heard she kept on saying …. hoping, based on what she heard she was meditating and speaking and she got what she wanted.

If He says the door is open He sure is standing on the other side. Just walk through.

We create reality on earth through our faith .

Amen 🙏🏽