looking up

Psalm 121:1-2King James Version (KJV)
I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.

Here the Psalmist was writing about a situation in which he found himself that was totally out of his control. It was a place he did not want to be, but had found himself in. “I will lift up my eyes to the hills.” In other words, he was saying, “I do not like where I am right now and there is nothing I can do in my own strength to change my situation, so I look up to God from where my help comes” For most of us in our situation, instead of looking forward, we look back. We look down the slope rather than looking up the hill.

We remember the good old days that are no more and instead of thanking God for them and looking forward to the future, knowing that God that made it possible for us to have good old days to reminisce about is able to bring about better days ahead.
It is human nature to dwell in the yesterdays of their lives. It is natural. What I am saying is that we should not live in the past to the detriment of the future. There is nothing wrong in remembering the good old days but use it to spur you on to do better in the future. Many of us look back at those days, longing for to go back to those times and as long as we keep yearning to go back, we cannot move forward.

The book of Proverbs (a book of instruction and advice) says, “Let your eyes look forward before you.” This tells us that looking backward or sideways instead of forward can be detrimental to our progress. It distracts us from our where we ought to be going. The problem with Lot’s wife was that instead of looking forward to the unfolding miracles of God, she looked backwards. She was thinking of all that she left behind, her fame, her material possession, her relationships, she yearned for them much more than what lay in front of them. She did not remember that what she left behind had been consumed by fire and she was asked to leave so she is not consumed by fire herself. She was looking back at what she left behind forgetting that the same God that provided for her before is waiting in her future to give her even much more. STOP THINKING ABOUT YESTERDAY AND WHAT YOU HAD YESTERDAY. THE GOD OF YESTERDAY IS STILL THE GOD WAITING IN YOUR FUTURE and with Him, you can never have a better yesterday, so LOOK UP, LOOK FORWARD!!!

There are some here who have being believing God for marriage for a long time, and it has not happened. You have seen your mates get married and have children. You have seen your younger ones get married and have children and yet you are still waiting on the Lord. Some of you are already single parents although never been married and you begin to wonder if you will ever get married. I want to say to you God is never late and He knows what He is doing. I cannot tell you the reasons for the delay but I can tell you that God sees and hears you and He will make everything beautiful in His time. LOOK UP.

There are some people who had a very wonderful marriage, but somewhere along the line, your spouse passed on. Suddenly, what used to be the Garden of Eden now looks like hell because of the many challenges that come with suddenly finding yourself alone. Financial struggles, physical struggles as loneliness sets in and of course for most, family struggles with in-laws all become part of life. Friends that used to be a constant fixture in your life when you were a couple suddenly disappear when you become single again and you find that people are not as supportive as they used to be. A lot of us run to our Pastors expecting succor but they also sometimes get occupied with daily run-ning the church and their own lives and are not able to keep in touch as regularly as you would want them to.

Before long if care is not taken, anger sets in because you feel no one cares for you. You find yourself weeping all the time and the struggle just seems too much for you to cope with. It is not physical satisfaction you need, there is an inner craving that needs to be reached and all these can only be done through the help of the Holy Spirit. While sermons may be good and anointed, meetings wonderful, it is God’s special touch in your life that is needed at this stage. His own kind of peace, His own healing balm and this, no man can give to you.

Let us look at that phrase again, “Looking Up”. It is an English idiom which means “Getting Better”. It can also mean “Be Expectant”. If I say I am looking up, I mean that I am expectant, I am optimistic, things are improving. I was working as a petroleum engineering attaché or industrial attaché with MOBIL in the late 70s at the Ibo terminal, just by the sea. Sometimes we stayed two weeks to three weeks on the rig in the sea and then come back home for two weeks, this I did that for about six months. There were a lot of foreigners on the rig, one of them who I will call Sam for the purposes of this story, as I cannot remember his name right now used to exchange greetings in an unusual way. Anytime you asked him how he was doing will reply by say “I am winning, are you winning?” All through my stay on the rig that was his answer when you exchanged pleasantries with him. Sam was always happy, never saw him upset with anyone, which was rare when you are living together in a confined space. Sam was always winning and without realizing it, he was giving the Christian perspective to life, which is we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus.

Can I ask you a question today? Are you winning? Are you sure you’re winning? With all the problems around you, are you winning? With the school fees that have not been paid, are you winning? With the rent that has not been paid, are you winning? You long for a partner (the opposite sex) and they are not there, are you winning? Can you say things are looking up? Are you optimistic about life?

Remember, we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus. Somebody once said, “You cannot find a life that is full of expectation that is not enthusiastic”. If you have expectation, there will be life – you will be bubbling. The devil wants you to feel sorry for yourself. He tells you over and over you are nothing without your spouse that passed on, or left you. He makes you believe everyone is talking about you until you feel so intimidated and insecure and then you start locking yourself up and feeling very angry with the world. You become a shell of yourself as expectation and hope is lost. But the Bible tells you to look up. The Psalmist asked himself why his soul was downcast and then goes on to tell himself to raise above what the devil is saying and hope in God. It is the same Psalmist that penned Psalm 121.

So you see, I have a choice in this matter. I can choose to look up, it can become my perspective. I can choose to not listen to the lies of the devil and choose the right perspective to my situation..LOOK UP TO GOD FOR HELP…. It can be my personal perspective to life; it’s the way I view my immediate surrounding and my future and life….LOOKING UP….