Master Your Time

Tick,tock’, says the clock. What you have to do, do quick! Some of us will remember this rhyme in our primary school years. Teachers used it to teach us to do first things first and not to procrastinate.
They would often remind us that procrastination is a thief of time. Looking back over those years makes me appreciate them more because they did their best to instill the right principles in us at a very young age. Today people would pay a large sum of money just to learn how to manage their time in this busy world.

As defined by Webster dictionary time is the measured or measurable period during which an action, process or condition exists or continues. Everything that one does on earth falls under this definition.
Some people believe that those who can manage time are people of integrity. The reason is not far fetched. Such are people of their words.However, some people have mastered time management skills better than others and it has been proven that such people are better achievers. In most cases they even live longer because they are less stressed. Unlike those who lack time management ability who lead a life of chockedup, anxious, pressed for time struggle. Their lives are froth with all kinds of stress-related diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, etc.

There is however enough time to do everything we want to do without over working ourselves if only we would manage our time well. A proverb of old says the early bird catches the worm; meaning what you can do now, do not leave for another time.

Also, time can be defined by seasons, which is a period of the year characterized by a particular occurrence or climatic feature.This corroborates the bible in Genesis chapter 1, which states that God suspended the moon and the sun in the firmament to determine the time and the seasons. Seasons are different from country to country and people from different countries know the things to do according to seasons. For example you cannot expect some fruits and vegetables to grow at certain seasons of the year so you don’t even plant them. Doing anything out of season would be a waste of resources, time and energy because it will not succeed. Like the children of Issachar we should understand our seasons on what we can or cannot do at different seasons.

So, time management is not only about being punctual but also about moving at the right season. Important therefore is knowing your season for your various breakthroughs.