More Than A Superhero.

Ephesians 3:20

Matt 11:7-14 and Heb 12:22.

Nothing happens by chance, we serve a God who’s the ultimate planner. All things are planned by God. We serve a God that can do exceedingly and abundantly far above what we can hope or imagine, we have to be expectant at all times.

in all we do, something good has to come out of it. Our actions should always glorify God.

questions Asked:

As Christians, are we supposed to live our planned lives or live according to God’s plans for us.

Answer: The best thing to do is to commit all plans into God’s hands so that we live according to His will for us.

Question: As Christians, should we experience disbelief at any time.

Answer: We experience disbelief, when we lose hope or doubt God or as christain our waiting period.

Question: Is it possible to get complacent with the things of God, knowing the assurances we have in God as well as the promises and blessings God has for us.

Answer: It is possible for Christians to fall into this trap but with the help of the Holy Spirit renewing our minds with the word of God, we can overcome this hurdle.