Prepare for Enlargement

For God is not unjust to forget your labour of love

(Hebrews 6:10a)

In one of his sermons, renowned Baptist Pastor A. C. Dixon, told the story of the wife of a poor farmer called Johanna Ambrosius. According to him, this woman lived in the German Empire during the latter part of the nineteenth century. She, alongside her husband, was impoverished and made their meager income by spending long hours in the fields of a local farm district. Alienated from the outer world, Johanna knew nothing about life beyond her immediate environment. As a matter of fact, she knew nothing much outside of her faith in God and her growing concern for the struggles of men and women around her. To ease the burden of her distress over human suffering, she would often scribble her thoughts about life, nature, and God on paper. It so turned out that she had a gift she was not even aware of; as her scribbled thoughts found expression in poetry and beautiful prose. After many years, a bit of the verse she had written found its way into print through one of the local farm customers and then later, into the hands of the Empress of Germany. Impressed by the beauty of what she read, the Empress demanded that the author be located. On finding Johanna and learning of her meager lifestyle, the Empress expressed her love for the woman by supplying the immediate needs of her family and rewarding her with a pension for the rest of her life.


As a principle of nature, the concept of rewards has existed all through history. As a matter of fact, the entire commercialization of enterprise and free trade thrives on the principle that individuals and industries will reap returns on their economic investments. The truth is, as humans, we carry a sense of expectation for every meaningful way we exert our time, skills and resources. In other words, we work in hope of a reward, no matter how little. We get educated, start businesses, get married, and raise our children to the best of our abilities with the expectation that our investments through life will yield a harvest of success and fulfillment.


However, the reward system of this world is imperfect; flawed by the weakness of men and the manipulations of ambition and greed. Incidentally, our God is also a God of rewards. He authored the principle of seed and harvest and of labour and reward. God is perfect, and His system of rewarding His children leaves no stone unturned and no life unchanged


You may wonder, ‘What have I done to merit God’s reward? ‘, the truth is, your trust in God in itself is a seed for a divine reward, for He is a rewarder to them who diligently seek Him [Hebrews 11: 6} More so, His grace has qualified you for His generosity. All through the year, your prayers, service, and faith have gone ahead as seeds, and it is your time for a harvest


God has committed to blessing those who bless you and curse those who curse you [Genesis: 12:3]. By virtue of this, any attack of the enemy or adversary from men against your life will also receive a just reward of God’s judgment.

Don’t judge your life by where you are now. Like the woman in our opening anecdote, things are about to change for you. Go out with a new sense of expectation. It is your time to be crowned.

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