“Whatever you have said in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have whispered behind closed doors will be shouted from the housetops for all to hear!” Luke 12:3 NLT


A lady sent me a mail and shared how another believer had betrayed her and how she had always felt she was the aggrieved party and as such was right to keep ignoring her friend till she came to apologise. She said she justified it by saying it will only teach her friend to be a better Christian until she read a post i wrote. She said this happened over five years ago and they are both Christians but they don’t talk and they try to avoid meeting at social events.

She said after reading one of the articles I wrote, she prayed the Philippians 2:13 prayer and cried to God to give her the heart of Christ. She said she felt a weight lifted and all of a sudden got this great urge to call the friend and end all the strife. She said she called and told her friend she would like to meet and the funny thing was when they met, even before she could utter one word, her friend ran to her, hugged her and started crying. She said she felt so much compassion for her friend and for the first time she truly understood what Jesus Christ meant about the difference between the sin and the person.

Their relationship is now restored as they take one deliberate step at a time to restore trust, the past forgiven and a heavy weight she did not even realise she was carrying around has now lifted. She said even the confidence with which she now approaches God in prayer has changed, because she can truly now testify that God cares about every little detail of her life. My prayer is that like this lady many more will testify to the restoration of their relationship with God in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

A preacher once said that if the life we live behind closed doors were to be played in a movie theatre for the whole world to see, how would we feel? Would we want it shown? I guess that summaries all I have been trying to put across to you the last three weeks. It is something we should all think seriously about and believe me, it is something I have being thinking seriously about for some time now.

What aspects of my life behind closed doors would I not want people to know about me? Have I repented and stopped these things or am I still doing them? Truth be told, we will always find something, a sudden outburst of anger, saying something and immediately knowing you shouldn’t have said what you said to the person you said it to, a bit of envy and competition raising its ugly head when you least expect it in your thoughts….all these things do happen and that is why we will continue to be work in progress till we meet our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in person, but let all these things be brought to God in prayer, confess the struggle, don’t fool yourself because man does not know you are doing whatever it is you are doing, then it’s okay. What you are indirectly saying is that you can sin against God as long as man does not know…a true believer can never think this way, so I would ask you to check if you are really born again.

Brethren, again I ask you to check your lives and bring all hidden habits before God today and ask for His help in breaking all the chains of sin the enemy has used to hold you down. God will hear your prayer and answer it in the mighty name of Jesus Christ (Amen)

– Pastor Tinu Olashore