South Africa Event Summary

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The first Ruth and Boaz SA event held on Friday 30th September 2016 at the Da Vinci Hall, Midrand Conference Centre, 661 Pendulum Road, Halfway House, Midrand, Johannesburg, SA.

The event, hosted by Pastor Dipo Osinloye of Grace Springs Ministries and sponsored by the Ruth and Boaz fellowship of TFOLC, Ilupeju, Lagos, Nigeria kicked off at 6pm with a powerful Praise and Worship session led by the church praise and Worship team.

The guest speakers were Pastors Taiwo & Nomthi Odukoya, the senior pastor of TFOLC, Ilupeju, Lagos.

Attendees were mostly professionals with ages ranging from mid 20s to about 50 years with a few married people.

The South Africa event was motivated by the success of the USA and UK events earlier in the year and from the two events earlier in the year (USA and UK) and attendees stressing the relief they felt at the events and how it was very welcome.

The need in every society is peculiar but for this group of people, the needs are similar in that a support system is required especially when it seems one is doing it all alone.

Like Aaron and Hur in Ex 17 supporting Moses and keeping his hands up until the battle was won, this special group of people often require support (spiritual, emotional, legal, financial, etc) when it is difficult to go on alone.

The hall used was spacious, well decorated and serene. The arrangement of the hall (banquet style) ensured adequate space for movement and a place for cocktails . The church band played in the background and a slideshow of past events was running on the screen.

All this contributed to making the evening very cosy, warm and relaxing. The first guest was welcomed about 6:00pm

The event proper commenced a little after 7pm with Pastor Tinu giving the welcome remarks and Pastor Biodun, the opening prayer. Pastor Tinu spoke on the motivation for the SA event

Three member’s of the fellowship shared their testimonies and what the fellowship meant to them.

Pastor Nomthi shared her personal story and exhorted people to hold on. She spoke of being raised by a single parent and how important having an identity is. Pastor Nomthi spoke on the importance of “identity” and how God wanted every child to have an identity citing Jesus as an example.

Pastor Taiwo shared briefly on his experience as a single parent. He thereafter encouraged participants to ask questions which would be answered with the help of the Holy Spirit using the word of God.

The questions were varied from moving on after a broken relationship, societal (and church) pressures to marry, difficulty marrying a single parent, relationships with married people, etc.

The major question or issues bordered on children and single hood. People networked and took pictures after the event was brought to a close at almost 10pm with prayers.

Sale of materials (magazines, confessions, CD of past events, wisdom nuggets) commenced after the program as People stayed to network and take pictures.