“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything, by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God” Philippians 4:6

Is it possible in this day and age to be anxious for nothing? When you look around you, your situations and circumstances stare you in the face. We have worries at work, in our homes, and most of all we worry when we don’t have what we want or we are not what we expect to be.

The hope of having our heart’s desires and our dreams come to pass diminishes and fades with each passing day as we see ourselves advancing in age and still believing God for the same breakthrough that we have been hoping for the last few years. We feel discouraged and start to worry and complain. But complaining raises our level of stress whilst prayer quiets our thoughts and emotions and prepares us to listen to God.

God wants us to always cast our cares on Him through Prayer, “Pray ceaselessly”- 1 Thessalonians 5; 17, but often we continue to bear them ourselves even when we say we are trusting in Him. Do you want to worry less? Then pray more.

Prayer moves God. Hiding your needs from God is ignoring the only one who has the answers to your problems and can supply your needs. Sometimes we get tired of praying because we believe we have prayed enough, but there is nothing like praying enough!


In order to receive this year, you have to find the time within your busy schedule to pray. When your prayer life changes your situation improves, but if you keep quiet, you are like a padlock without a key.
You can take back through prayer whatever has been stolen from you. Your peace, your joy, your job, your husband, your marriage, your blessings.

There are various ways to pray to God but the most effective form of prayer is praying God’s word back to Him. The word of God is the will of God and it contains many promises about the circumstances and situations we face so it is important to know what the word of God says about your situation.

God’s word is alive and powerful. His word is quick strong and powerful, sharper than a two edged sword piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit…-” Hebrews 4:12.This means that the word of God can pierce through even the most difficult situations. When we speak and pray the word we are coming into agreement with God and His power is released to answer our prayers.

“The word of God is the sword of the Spirit;” Ephesians 6; 17. The Spirit controls the physical so before situations manifest in the physical, its already settled in the Spirit. Consequently praying His word reveals the plans of the enemy and prevents such situations from manifesting in the physical.

When we pray Gods word we have the greatest assurance of answered prayer as God promises to honour His word above his name.” which means that He will respond to every prayer grounded upon the promises of His word. Praying God’s word increases our spiritual growth and brings the manifestation of His Glory in our lives because there is power in the spoken word of God

Many matured single women have given up hope of getting married because, though they still desire it, they think it can never happen.
Many widows are overwhelmed by pain and grief that they cannot see any hope of happiness again. These are all lies of the devil, and the devil can be put to shame if you arise and cry out to God in prayer through His word.

There are many examples in the Bible of people who were discouraged but turned to God and got their miracle. Hannah was unable to bear children, and Hannah cried and prayed to the Lord. She brought her problems to the Lord and the Lord granted her petition. Hannah received her victory in the place of prayer. 1 Samuel 1
Isaac prayed to the Lord on behalf of his wife because she was barren. The Lord answered his prayer and his wife Rebecca became pregnant. Gen. 25:21

God does not ignore those who depend on Him; He has promised us that when we ask, we shall receive but He answers prayers in His own way in His own time, so we also have to be patient and in praying also train your spirit to be open and sensitive to God.

Are you ready to pray and stand on His word? You cannot pray unless you know the correct word relevant to your situation.

ISAIAH 54; 4,5. ISAIAH 60; 15, ISAIAH 61; 3, ISAIAH 61; 7, ISAIAH 62; 2-4 are scriptures you can confess daily and testimonies shall be yours in Jesus name. Amen.

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