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I was here for the last Ruth and Boaz meeting, and I was really encouraged by how people came out and testified to the glory of God. All of them shared their burdens and how God, through the teaching and various activities of this ministry showed up for them and I realized I was in good company because everyone here is real.

Since that last time, God has lifted me up spiritually, He has lifted me financially, He has lifted me emotionally. Things I could not do before I am able to do now. I could not fast or pray before for others because it was all about me, but now I have learnt to put my own issues aside and I find it easy to intercede on other people’s behalf.

I now feel so free inside, I don’t mope around anymore. I have stopped feeling tired all the time and I have stopped feeling sorry for myself. I have a new lease of life and I am happy. I want to encourage people not to wallow in self pity and stop thinking about their burdens. Think about wanting to do something for God, and God will definitely meet our demands.

– Sis.BK