The Word Works

The last Ruth and Boaz was my first time here. Two testimonies struck me while I came here. I came here with a lot of burden. The first testimony was about the woman who had three children, and did not just successfully raise the children, but she was also developing herself. I said okay. I thought I had issues, but there are some that…. Okay now.

But the second one that hit me was this particular woman who had an accommodation, and lost that accommodation. And even in the midst of it, stood here, thanking God, not for gaining but for losing. I now said, yes, I really do not have any problem. And I squared up my shoulders.
Now by the end of the meeting, Pastor Taiwo said something, he was ministering though. I think it was when the lady that has a school talked, he was talking about: did anybody die for you? And while he was transiting from a person to the order, he said something when he was narrating Jesus dying, he said, “It is finished.” He said because we are finishers. And I took that.

Because I had two properties that I thought by the end of last year I would have finished, and one was skeletal and one was just bare land, but I was facing the skeletal one. But I did not have enough money to finish it. And when daddy said we are finishers, I took that word, and I said, “Yes, I am a finisher.”
And right now, as I speak, based on the Word, between then and January ending of this year, I did not just finish, I am now in that house as I am talking about.