You are not Forgotten

Often times we think we are all by ourselves, we think nobody cares about us and that our negative circumstances will never change. Whilst it is perfectly normal to sometimes have thoughts and feelings of despondency, it is not requisite that we accept them as being permanent part of our lives.

When the sun sets, it is only to rise again. It does not by any means suggest that we are going to be covered in darkness forever. The same thing applies to adversity; it’s only for a while and it is an introduction to your breakthrough.

The book of I Samuel 30 tells us of a man who was in a hopeless situation. He was sick and as a result his master had forsaken him, left him to die in spite of all the years of service to him. We don’t know the kind of thoughts which were racing through this man’s mind as he laid there hopeless on the ground. All we know is that God suddenly turned this servant’s situation around when David found him in his pursuit of the Amalekites.

Some people have been abandoned by their spouses in spite of the years and sacrifices of devotion to their marriage. Some have spent years in relationships which they had hoped would result in marriages, only to be dumped by the other party along the way. For such people it is a dream shattered, the feelings are usually such that it’s too late to meet somebody else and start all over again. One thing is sure; if God was able to connect David to that Egyptian then He is still able to connect you to your desired future. Interestingly, David needed this man’s help as much as the man needed him. That’s how God will do it for you.

There is something that God has deposited in you which will attract the other party. The same reasons for which people might have left you will be the same reason that will attract others to you. You will suddenly become the miracle they have been looking for and vice versa. David had what the Egyptian needed: food and care, and the Egyptian had what David needed: the location of the enemy. So, never see yourself as worthless; there is something about you that will help propel the other person’s life forward.

Whether you have been wounded by life’s circumstances or you have been waiting for a long time there are lessons to draw from the Egyptian which will help prevent some common mistakes we make when entering a new relationship from a previously sour one: Do not be hasty; Find out more about the relationship. The 15th verse shows us that the Egyptian was not too desperate not to negotiate his security and welfare. It is possible that David and his man could have used him and dumped him. When entering a relationship we should not turn a blind eye to critical issues but instead we should ask questions to make sure there are no traps set for us .This is also to ensure that the person we are dealing with is genuine. We will not fall into wrong hands in Jesus’ name.

Allow enough time to heal, it took the Egyptian three days to regain strength. David did not rush him until he was sure he was able to stand back on his feet. Under no circumstance should you feel compelled to enter into a relationship when you feel you are still vulnerable. Entering a relationship in that state may break you instead of building you. Imagine what would have happened to the Egyptian had David rushed him into action when he was still weak.

Some assignments like a relationship require your full state of mind. Have faith It is not good to be overly suspicious of people based on what other people have done to you in the past. Learn to trust again. The Egyptian whilst he was careful how he entered the relationship with David, he still had some level of trust. He discerned that they had genuine intentions and he was ready to move on and not dwell in the past or wallow in self pity. Letting go of the past helps you prepare for a healthy relationship in the future. David also had faith that the Egyptian would not deceive them. Having faith will help you sustain good relationships.

God has so much in store for you and in due time all things will fall in line for you. You are not forgotten and never will be. It’s your time, so don’t give up. All things work together for good There is a reason for every happening in this life. For instance, had God not allowed the Egyptian slave to be abandoned by his master, David probably would not have found the necessary help to locate his family. Also the Egyptian would have been wiped off along with the Amalekites when David finally found them. So, there is a reason you are where you are today and it will progressively get better as God unfolds your future in Jesus’ name. God does not forget, He has not forgotten you.
– Pastor Nomthi Odukoya